• design

    Anybody can download a template and load it up in WordPress – there is no challenge in that. Building a unique frame from the general aspects moulded to perfection by the vision of our clients is a creative but fundamentally demanding job. Coincidentally, this is the exact same undertaking that we are happy and proud to divulge ourselves into.

    From strictly business and commercial looks to fiendishly crazy designs – this is what our tagline is all about:
    custom made designer websites
  • web development

    Websites should take little time to load and must operate without hiccups – nobody wants to wait for the thumbnails of a gallery to load one by one. Having an acceptable internet connection with a beefy computer (or mobile device) is only one part of the story. The code under the hood should be perfectly fine tuned and optimized to cater all the needs of the website.

    Well, if it wasn’t like this with us then this section wouldn’t be included on this site! Optimized and custom tailored is what all of our websites’ code have in common.
  • photography

    “A properly cropped and fine tuned JPEG image is worth a thousand blog post characters” – or something along those lines. Either way, while the use of stock photos can be a viable method of showing the non-textual part of your online presence, risking a DMCA or take-down letter from an angry photographer can have its’ negative impact.

    Conveniently, we have professional photographers on board who are trigger-happy to take your shots. Stand out from the crowd with unique photos – we will take the perfect pictures for your online presence, webshop items or team members.
  • content management

    Managing your blog, uploading photos to galleries (even editing said pictures) or writing an article to the news section requires a great deal of work and a dedicated chunk of time – which isn’t always available.

    If you have a hard time using social media to keep your user base in the loop about your business – reach out to us! Don’t have time to upload or keep your content fresh? Let us help you with either timed or manual publishing of your content, be it articles, posts or complete photo galleries.

  • hosting

    Websites need safe, redundantly backed up places to call home – preferably with blazingly fast connection speeds towards the other users around the globe. A place that is not shared with others. Luckily, we are in possession of such cozy places and one of them is waiting for your website!

    Host your website at our datacenters for quick loading times without security compromises. As an added safety net, we offer daily backups for each and every website we host as a disaster recovery plan.
  • domain registration

    A domain name is the address you enter in your browser’s location bar – for this site, it is barefootdesign.nz. From domain registration, domain delegation, zone editing to fixing cryptic email error messages regarding SPF records we are here to assist you!

    Don’t have a domain? – We will help you in finding and registering the one that is most suitable for you online presence.
    Have a domain already? – Then we are more than happy to help with all the administrative steps and setup that is needed for your brand new website.