barefoot is best

Barefoot represents naturality, simplicity and elegance. When walking without shoes you are one with the terrain, focused purely on the road, on your steps, not on the troubles. We want our clients to experience this sense of mindfulness, put their mind at ease by taking care of their web presence. We craft sharp, modern and unique design that stands out.

  • Balazs Kundermann


    front-end and design

    It is a great pleasure for me to see the boxes next to each other team up to form a complex still simple design. I like creating new things even if they only exist in a virtual world. If not in front of the screen I am looking for the structural harmony behind the lens of my Canon camera.

  • Gabriel


    back-end and low-level

    I humbly serve the binary code under the hood which essentially powers the user interface, aided by the multiple years of field experience in system administration, software development and engineering. Usually from the terminal screen I switch to my drumkit, always seeking creative solutions in both places.

  • Monika



    My passion is to build state-of-the-art, easy to use, user-friendly websites. I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements.Continued education has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work to each customer. When not in front of the screen I enjoy trail running, and tramping with my beautiful family in the magnificent tracks of the Wellington area.

  • Steve


    graphic design

    A freelance graphic designer who creates artwork or designs for printed or electronic media, such as magazines, brochures and websites. He may also help in logo and t-shirt designs, business-card creation, and any creative challenge thrown at him.